Facebook has decided to make changes to the ways that posts are being delivered in order to cut down on malicious content and click bait. Business using social media as a way to advertise for their products isn’t something new to most people but because of these changes it’s becoming more difficult for posts to reach the intended amount of followers. Original add and marketing content is on the rise, and in the ever changing world of social networking, will have to continue with original ideas in order to stay relevent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook has updated it’s algorithm to show the right people the right ads, so everyone needs to change their strategies to get noticed.
  • Do things that actually engage your audience, not things that grab attention and then don’t communicate a message
  • Bring your new-found attention to good content like live-streamed videos and content-rich webpages!

“Facebook says the News Feed favors a user’s family, friends & “core value” content.”

Read more: http://blog.marketo.com/2017/05/7-ways-boost-organic-reach-facebook.html

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