Traditional media as we know it is slowly fading from what has been considered the norm for so long. Advertising has become so expensive it’s unrealistic for companies to continue showing adds on traditional TV when other revenue sources can be exploited for nothing more than the time it takes to upload the add. Social media for example, has become a market place of adds, and with targeted adds their effectiveness is increasing in both interest and relevance. Banners on websites that offer add space based on recent searches in amazon offer a similar effectiveness with targeting allowing the user to be more selective about the adds that are viewed. Youtube and other video streaming services take a more broad approach showing adds they believe might be relevant to you based on demographic information that can be simply obtained by a simple algorithm cross referencing data about the user from the account information. Other companies are taking a less traditional approach by branding their product with an idea or lifestyle instead of following the 30 seconds of air time to demo the product that advertising has mostly operated under.

Key Takeaways:

  • Traditional advertising has declined in popularity as companies move away from oversaturated advertising methods to be more unique.
  • Some companies that are good examples of original advertising are Volvo, Nike, Tasty Videos, StringKing, and Red Bull.
  • Rather than old methods of getting customers’ attention, businesses are turning to fresh ideas, creativity, and authenticity to advertise.

“The companies that have found ways to tell organic stories and grow their followings on platforms like YouTube through the right influencers have become greater brands for it.”

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