Making money on the internet can be a tricky thing. In order to be a success, you want to make sure that your e-store is avoiding any customer turnoffs. First, make sure customers can see the number of items in their shopping cart, and that customers can click on advertised items right from the home page. Make sure customers can filter their results, so they can find exactly what they need. Look to your industry standards for web page and scrolling layouts, and make sure that your customer service awards are on display. Finally, let customers know how much of an item is in stock while they shop.

Key Takeaways 

  • Ecommerce means convenience for customers. If you don’t offer a convenient yet fast way to shop on your site, you likely don’t get a repeat visit.
  • Making it easy for your customers to browse your site is key. Add features like product links from the home page and multiple product filter options.
  • Customers like to browse. If they leave your website and return later to an empty shopping cart they likely won’t buy.

“Apart from bringing new visitors to your store, the rest of the marketing objectives are all directly influenced by a store’s conversion optimization strategy.”

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