Premium Lead Generation Funnel

Engage your current and future customers through the art of email marketing

Premium Lead Generation Funnel


  • Set up and optimize a premium email marketing service (if you don’t have one already)
  • Create a professional, high-quality landing page on your website, designed and optimized to acquire leads (email/phone/other contact information)
  • Creation of a high quality, unique, niche-specific 1 page lead generation freebie (free report, top ten list, etc) to offer in exchange for contact information
  • Professional copywriter will create a 5 email follow up sequence (sent at a frequency that is best suited for your market), that will be geared specifically to build brand loyalty, invite back for repeat business, encourage referrals, and designed to upsell and offer follow up services or discounts

Is Your Project Not “Cookie Cutter”?

Most web marketing packages do not fit into one of our pre-designed packages, and may require some tweaks here and there. For the most accurate quote, drop us a line below with more information about your business, what you are looking to accomplish, and we’ll follow up with you to provide a complete quote for all your marketing needs.

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